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The Waves.

Updated: May 29, 2020

Up, down, calm, stirred up, quiet - all the feels.

Ups and downs are part of the usual emotional spectrum, if you're anything like me your usual brand of crazy is beyond recognition given our current state.

We are all a little crazy, it's not a competition.

I find myself feeling all the feels in the span of a day. Without fear of adding to all the noise out there about the global health crisis I have no doubt that this will not only impact our actual physical health and our economy but what about our mental health?

With just a few days in our stay in policy I can already see folks are struggling. If you consider yourself a fairly stable person and have are experiencing any kind of turmoil can you imagine the folks who suffer from anxiety and depression? The truth is that our parameters for how long this separation practice will last is speculation at this point. I mean it makes sense for our country's leadership to put some kind of timeframe or else I suspect we would all freak out even more than some are already.

For people who are fortunate to be able to work or study remotely successfully or have people who depend on them for structure will most likely have the ability to have their energies be focused. What about the retirees or the hourly workers or the in betweenies like me. Let me explain; you see my husband and I relocated recently for his work and I got stuck between jobs in the middle of this whole thing and am actually job hunting right now - sigh. Everything I am reading says to keep at it but let's be real - all businesses are being impacted.

Regardless of our situation it can definitely be a challenge to stay in the light and ya'll the struggle is real. Again my heart goes to those who fight so very hard everyday to keep their hearts and minds above water who are now burdened to swim harder, faster and for longer...Life as we know it has been altered for however long. It can't be about the quick fix we have to adapt to a new norm. I am sure officials will do what they can but our day to day our lives are most impacted by how experience it. There is no bandid or one size fits all but there is an approach - do you. Before you can be good for anyone else you gotta be right with yourself. What does that look like? That's for you to decide.

One day will suck and the next day will be just awesome tis life - especially now. I find myself looking and exploring the different ways I can lift myself up like everyday. Because we aren't the same person everyday. Listen to that inner voice you'll know it when stuff just comes to you.

Here are a few little things that have proven to be pretty helpful for me - see if anything works you.

1. Ask yourself where your heads at - are you feeling aimless or frustrated with feeling powerless?
2. What can I do combat where my emotions are taking me?

I tend to like to have control of things (classic type A) I can't stand it when I feel like things are happening to me rather than me making things happen (my brand of crazy) so for me I look for things that work against or for whatever I am feeling.

If I feel powerless because my job hunt efforts feel like a pointless effort at this crazy time, I do things that remind how I can control other parts of my life, like my diet, my fitness, my time and my connection with my peoples. There will always be that existential part of us that peeks through us but we do have mundane part of life that needs tending. For that part of me I push for what makes me feel purposeful.

Diet - I spend some time looking up new healthy recipes to try to make (the more challenging the better i.e vegan spare ribs) This app yummly is a great place for inspirations.

Fitness - Peloton is doing a 90 day free trial! They closed my building's gym so I am trying something (no bike or treadmill) new everyday.

Spare Time - Coursera offers free and low fee classes so I signed up for a free 7 week course on Social Psychology. Just finished my first week, it's been really interesting!

Connections - I reach out to most of my people almost daily and am trying to facetime more than ever with my momma and my sisters more than I have ever before - not sure why not but now is the time. Also if you got neighbors it's nice check on them via text.

Just some thoughts to perhaps get you going for what might be some ways to combat the wave your riding right now.

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