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I love you. Said me to me

Updated: May 29, 2020

Feeling good about you, who are you?

So often is self-love construed as being selfish and often seen as narcissistic. Especially for women, we are taught that being boastful or touting our accomplishments is not a good look and humility, and being modest is more fitting. Well probably not so much in those words, but that's the general feel. If you are confident, you're perceived as conceited or even arrogant. Somehow having low esteem is better than having too much esteem if that's a thing? Where is the line? And who gets to draw it? Who's the judge to say - no, no, you can't believe that much in yourself lady who do you think you are? Yet we feel it right. A little voice that says, "there's no way that I... yeah I hear it too sometimes.

So how do we push past the norm of feeling conflicted about loving on some you? What if we start with just acknowledging how unique we are and how no one else is exactly like you - our own perspective, our own way to give and love, our own flavor of crazy if you will. That's a thing right there. Inherit value - just for existing, you are special. And bring in all the awesomeness you are well hot damn we got something here. Knowing that your spin on stuff and things is yours alone - is so empowering, it means you can make things better. Give yourself some love for being a weirdo. Different mindset = problem solver. Also - what if how we show up for other people, we decided to show up that way for ourselves? Funny how at the ready we are to give that advice, help that friend move, take on the extra time at work or drive grandma to the doctors. But when was the last time you took your own advice, get to moving those damn boxes out of the garage, give yourself time to just sit and be or make an appointment for the doctors for that knee that twinges during yoga? Self-love is more than facials and bubble baths (none of which are bad ideas ever by the way) it's about taking care of you by prioritizing the things and time you need to make yourself and the world around you exactly the way you need to feel empowered, happy, healthy and I'll say it beautiful too. It's how we can continue to show up as the best version of yourselves for all those folks you love and care for. Recognizing yourself as a being of worth and feeling good and strong about who you are know how your presence affects those around you. Energy is contagious - love is contagious how cool if just by loving yourself you can spread the love? Happy people - make happy people. What a thing.

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