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Nom Noms

Some folks think that having a plant-based diet can be boring, simply put nah-huh. 

Figuring out what to make to eat to buy at the store is always a thing regardless of adding a meat protein or not. But it makes sense that if you are new to eating plant-based food or just thinking of adding more greens and veggies into your diet, it can seem taxing or overwhelming to where to start. 

I remember starting my journey into becoming a plant eater and how little I knew about nutrition and the variety of foods and recipes. I kind of took it as a challenge; okay, let me see what is what and how I can convert my delicious Latin food knowledge base into making what I eat good for me and noms because who wants to eat a salad all the live long days? 

I have found a ton of incredible recipes that I dare say rival any animal meat dishes. Here I am sharing a few of these that can be considered familiar and easy peezy for the make and some more adventurous both on the palate and on the creation.


A couple of tools that have been game-changers. 

Inspo recipes.

k_Photo_Recipes_2022-09-Crispy-Pan-Sheet-Gnocchi-and-Veggies _220809_AptTherapyKitchn_Cris


Legit no muscles flexed here but the yum factor is not lost.


Little more effort

Not just a mix together sitch, but worth the extra dirty dishes.



For those who lean into the idea the effort is worth the result. And yes it does. 

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